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Garden produce

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Aug 30, 2012 3:13:00 PM

having been around for nearly b40 years you would have thought that by now we would be pretty experienced at choosing the correct produce for the garden- that which grows, that which blooms and most importantly that which we can use in the kitchen . However no two years are the same and we are always learning and always believing we have cracked the art of gardening and always sadly disappointed and almost always pleasantly surprised!

This year has been no exception with a poor crop of courgettes which at first would not flourish and then waited till rain before blooming nd falling, booming leeks, borrowed from my mother when she grew too many and always in the past a disaster but this year a huge success and endless runner beans and sprouting broccoli which grew and is constantly being picked by the kitchen for the pot. However after a disaster in the orchard last year with the apples and a serious discussion about ripping them out we have had a bumper crop and to keep our feet on the ground- potatoes which were the only success last year have failed to grow and have been parched by the dry conditions leaving small- if perfectly formed- spuds but little use to the kitchen.

Anyway it does not leave us complacent but ready to get next year right and armed with more experience and knowledge we shall return in the spring- but not before we finish the plentiful harvest and the kitchen makes more apple cheese!