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Weather wc 14th October

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Oct 14, 2012 10:50:00 AM

I have to say I was a little surprised when I was on my way to Glasgow last
week to be confronted not only by a snow plough but one whcih was dispensing
grit. This was against a backdrop that was cool but still well above freezing
and lots of signposts warning us of excessive rain expectations? As I said to my
first meeting it was clearly not Argyll and Bute- who would be saving supplies
until they were needed - but maybe a new member of the roads department in
Glasgow who simply wanted to check that any winter plans were both operational
and effective-- at least they can now put them away for a few months as the
weather remains autumnal rather than wintery!

So what really is ahead for Eriska over the next seven days- suffice to say
that a downfall of leaves is the only real certainty as the sweeping raking and
smouldering takes a large chunk of the estate teams current efforts-- and its
ony goiing to grow over the next fortnight.

Today: After a dry start although it seems cloudy there will be sunny periods
and a few showers possibly on higher ground

Monday:Mainly dry and brighter with sunny spells and a few showers. The
showers mainly over high ground again and hopefully more inland.

Tuesday: Dry with clear skies and a touch of frost to start but then the
clouds will push in bringing more opportunity for showers

Wednesday:After a chilly start a dry day to come with plenty of sunshine and
light winds. Clouding over with rain later

Thursday: Cloudy with rain clearing from the northeast but rremaining quite

Friday: A broad band of rain extending north through the day. Wet and windy
on the cards.

Saturday:It should seem much warmer , although this will be due to the drop
in wind and less rain as it will still remain autumnal through the weekend