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Golf course work continues apace

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Sep 6, 2012 10:44:00 AM

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As we move towards our 40th year here at Eriska I am as ever at pains to insure that we only progress and develop whilst at the same time we both monitoring change and evolution and insuring that all changes are sustainable on the long term. No where is this more evident than on the golf course where we have to blend developing new work and growing the course with insuring that we can maintain the course we have to the standards we have left and leaving those on course today enjoying it as much as before and trying to allow them to enjoy it even more in the future.
Luckily I shoulder (pass ) the responsibility of this balancing to Steven and his greenkeeping team as this week he sets out his schedule to look after the course for the next few weeks. It includes the normal routine of cutting and tending to the course, the normal monthly tasks of top dressing and tining the greens and the plans and proposals to pick and relay three greens- 1,2 and 9- three greens that have settled more than the others and would benefit from some attention and care.

The latter job involves creating three temporary greens so play can continue through the winter, organizing material to help benefit the substructure of the greens and then arranging the lifting a nd relaying of the putting surface whilst insuring that all is done with both the minimum disruption and shortest timetable to get them back in for next year.
So it leaves me possibly the least demanding but most challenging task of crossing fingers and hoping for a window of weather to push the progress forward and help the new surfaces settle down. So for now its all about planning and hoping and then it will be about working and hoping, then finally watching and hoping!-- Lots of hoping!!