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Autumn is upon us

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Sep 7, 2012 10:12:00 AM

Autumn is upon us not simply because we are having to close the curtains at night during dinner to keep the night out, nor because the badgers are actually visiting after dark, nor that the kitchen is overladen with fruit form the orchard and apple jam making is well underway- but because yesterday we had to start servicing our leaf sweeper. Its a bit like a snow blower- for 11 months of the year it sits ion a shed gathering dust and for four weeks it need to stand ready for action. One would think that like a snow blower it would always be in action but like the snow blower it all depends on the year and the weather.

if the winds blow and the rain pours then the leaves gather themselves into pockets around the ground and the easiest collection method is simple rakes and manpower, however should the wind be gradual and it stay dry then we need to collect leaves on a continual motion from all around the grounds. the best year was dry and we had a friendly helicopter visitor who hovered round the lawns and helped us gather the leave sin corners, whilst encouraging the last few stubborn foliage to the ground. inshort three hard days work saw the leaves that year completed as opposed to last year where it seemed to go on for ever with every day having more piles to collect and due to wet conditions we had to compost them rather than smolder and burn them in corners near their resting place. Anyway that is joy of autumn!