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Tennis takes over at Eriska

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Sep 14, 2012 10:09:00 AM

Having now recovered form the trauma of Monday night I have the opportunity to sit down and reflect on the wonderful achievement of Andy Murray this week and the potential impact on Eriska. Having arrived home to see the end of the second set i became captivated by the next 3 hours tennis culminating in his wonderful win. However the next morning rather more tired than expected I was walking back down the hill past the sports hall and met a couple emerging from the courts.
Not normal noted but due to the over exertions of the previous night and early morning I was intrigued as tow whether that too had been bitten by the bug or had simply a regular appointment on court.
As it turned out that had a regular appointment with a local coach and were in fact refining their came- the coach came out next from the court looking shattered but I suspect this was more to do with late night tennis support more than a strenuous lesson! Anyway no sooner was my investigation complete than I met another couple heading for the court but this time it was clear that the game in flushing meadow was the instigator. meeting the couple later that evening i found out how much they had enjoyed the game and were now going o try and play more when they god home.However rather ironically they mentioned that had the Americans had a cover like us they would not have been playing the final match on a Monday and this couple would probably not have watched it so not have spurred them on to their new sport!
The great advantage of our court is that it now leaves us with a non weather non light dependent activity and hopefully guests and locals will all now benefit form this tennis resurgence"!