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Boats ashore for the winter

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Sep 15, 2012 10:08:00 AM

When asked about the sailing season on the west coast I would always advise that it is best to get ashore before the Equinox in september. traditionally this marks a change in the seasons, not only does the wind blow but the temperature drops and summer is definitely over. This week however the high winds have caught us all on the hop and I decided to bring forward the boat plans especially as I have offered to help move the boat left by a guest on the mooring by the pier. So yesterday it was out on the open water to move into situ the boats ready to be lifted form the water. regrettably having braved stronger winds than expected I arrived at the boat hoist to be greeted by even stronger and non favorable winds.

After a few moments to evaluate the situation the sensible head won and we postponed the lifting till this morning despite the activity having to take place at the crack of dawn. So this morning our decision was vindicated as with almost no breeze the boat is ashore and after a quick wash down she can now be moved to sheltered location before the full winterization can commence. now it is back to Eriska to move the second craft for our gusts and then when all are ashore we can declare watersports over for the winter and another season complete, leaving our friends on coastal connection to keep any brave sailors on the water.

On the positive side however it normally means with all the work and worrying done that the wind will not arrive and the Indian Summer will replace the fear-- here is hoping!