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Weather wc 16th September

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Sep 16, 2012 10:07:00 AM

With the equinox only a week away it is now decision time, is this the last week of summer in which case we need to get out there and make the most of it with the last of the hedge cutting and garden work or is it simply the peaking of the winds for September in which case it is a matter of getting the hatches battened down and preparing for the worst only to open up again with the promise of an Indian summer as soon as it has passed. in reality I have taken the latter decision with the boats and prepared them al for the winter but have taken the former decision with that garden with lots of work on the golf course making use of the last spell of real growth.

On the course Steven is rushing to get winter greens prepared so that he can lift and relay a couple of greens in the winter and he has now completed the tining of the remaining greens to open them up, let air into the roots and improve drainage with a sandy top dressing. So what really is ahead!

Today:Rain clearing to sunny spells and showers. Breezy.Turning brighter from the west in the afternoon, occasional sunny spells and scattered showers

Monday: Mostly cloudy during the morning with outbreaks of rain, the heaviest rain on higher hills. . Moderate to fresh southwest winds.

Tuesday: Occasional clear spells and showers, the showers heavy at times. These could merge into longer outbreaks of rain Freshening winds, becoming strong around the coast.

Wednesday: Bright with blustery showers, these heavy and frequent with the risk of hail and the odd rumble of thunder. Feeling cool in the fresh to strong westerly winds.

Thursday: The showers becoming well scattered, often dry with sunny or clear spells. However, rather cool with chilly nights, winds fresh around the coast and Islands.

Friday: A better brighter day but the wind will be cold and make it seem more wintery

Saturday: Dry again and again windy but this is the equinox of course!