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Scottish Highland Cow Rodeo

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Oct 2, 2012 3:12:00 PM

It seemed like such a simple plan, coral the cows in their field walk them down the drive, across the bridge and put them in the field by my mothers house. Regrettably only the planning was simple as we soon found the operation and execution was not quite so straight forward. We set ourselves up well with men guarding the exits off the drive, we opened the appropriate gates and then when all was ready we entered the field. At first the 6 cows all seemed docile and were happy to walk sedately towards the exit, then one decided he was going to use an alternative and he hopped the 5 foot fence, the others continued and the escaped cow pounded up and down the outside exciting those inside. Disaster was looming!
Eventually the expected happened and two more jumped the fence and joined the errant cow. like a General organizing his troops we were caught in two minds and had to divide our team, two to control the escapees and three of us to continue persevering with the behaving cows. So after some time we got the first three to the bridge and they started to cross- sofar so good- apart from, the fact that I could hear the second party disappearing down the drive towards Oban!
Then disaster struck as one slipped on the bridge and the other two decided that they were not going to cross and try as we might they were set in their minds so we decided given reduced manpower and large horns that we would retreat and pop them back in the field so we could go and help the other team. Once back where they started we set off in search of the first party and found them some distance down the road, after a bit of manoeuvering and some negotiation we managed to get some behind and some infront and started again to head back towards the island. Now common sense had prevailed and we opted to put them all back in the field from whence they came and reconsider our options.
Then our new trainee outside piped up- having remained quite quiet- and asked if one of his daily chores would be the cow walking each morning!! He was not so popular now!