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Hogwarts Express - More of an adventure

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Oct 8, 2012 9:56:00 AM

Today with the sun out and the mist clearing from the glens it seemed like a perfect day for two of our guests who had planned a trip on the steam train from Fort William to Mallaig. as often seems to be the case when you leave with lots of time, and then more importantly the knowledge that you have lots of time, before an appointment it is often amazing how time flies and you find yourself rushing for the last few minutes to meet an engagement. the couple left Eriska with plenty of time to make the train and were well on schedule until an unforseen traffic incident which insured they arrived at Fort William as the train pulled out.

Not perturbed and spurred on by the station office the got back in their car and sped after the train in harry Potter style trying to overtake and join it at the next station. There are many wonders of steam travel and now this couple would add the slow progress and opportunity for a diesel car to speed on as one so that by Arisaig they stood on the platform as the train arrived and joined the jacobite Express for the rest of the trip to Mallaig. then after a walk round the seaside port mounted the train and set off with the plan to alight at Arisaig and rejoin their car. What could possibly go wrong! Well as you may have guessed the drive had decided not to stop on the way back and simply continued through Eriska and onwards to Fort William.

Being a little confused our now hardy steam travelers remained calm and simply enjoyed the ride and made the most of their journey on the steam train with stunning scenery and wonderful colors to enjoy. When they got to Fort william the station team were helpful and simply ushered them aboard the next departure to Mallaig- first insuring the driver remembered to stop at Eriska- and off they set, at Arisaig, now having completed the Harry potter Journey if in several different modes of transport- the rejoined their car and returned to Eriska. Quite an adventure!!