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Water progress!

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Oct 25, 2012 8:40:00 AM

Each year as we undergo our Environmental audit there is a section we quietly ignore- normally. until tis year when we ran out of water the section regarding water preservation was always a bit of a misunderstood topic as my father always used to joke- God provides-. In any normal year tis is certainly true and it is almost one of the certainties of living on the west coast of Scotland that we will never be short. However this year has been a lesson that we must not take everything for granted. Its a bit like a car that when it all works we forget why and how it works and then suddenly when it breaks its as though th world is about to end!

So it was in June this year as we carried on as normal using water liberally until suddenly one day we ran out, the wells were dry and we were forced into a drastic scheme of bringing in water from the mainland and then rather foolishly looking for reasons that consumption had for once outstripped production. It soon became clear that we had a major problem and only drastic measures would rectify them. It was time for me to look in the tanks for issues, for pipework to be tested for extra leaks and meters to be installed to monitor consumption-- all the items we should have been doing under the environmental schemes that to date we had flaunted!

The good news was that we did find areas we could improve upon especially in the short term but the bad news was that drastic changes were required to resolve the problems in the long term. So hopefully today will see the final phase of the new system being introduced, not only do we now have a new tank with greater water pressure for the hotel, but we also have more storage and a new filteration system which will move us in advance of current legislative requirements and future proof us for upcomming changes- well thats the plan however we first need to link it all together and then cut the old system and hope it all fits together -- a task easier said than done as we move an imperial measured pipe onto a metric modern stsytem.

So at high noon today it will be fingers crossed and waterprooffs on as we cut the old pipe and introduce a new flow-- or so we hope!