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Weather wc 21st october

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Oct 21, 2012 9:04:00 AM

There is no doubt that this time of year brings with it some of the most stunning colours and shades of scenery of all and with it comes a huge amount of unpredictability with the weather. The temperature varies greatly form mild mornings like today to freezing frost like Friday and clear blue skies like last week to cloud and rain like yesterday afternoon but then that's what make Scotland such a wonderful place and that's what allows nature to create such dramatic colours like the maple on the driveway.Eriska in Autumn 007

From this angle it almost looks like someone went out and threw paint on the leaves but its not alone as across the island there are several examples of such stunning contrasts in colour and even more impressive when the sunlight catches them. Anyway what is ahead this week in terms of weather- autumn, winter or summer!

Today: After a misty/foggy start in the glens it is slowly clearing as we go through the morning. Then it's a fine dry day with bright or sunny spells.

Monday: Staying dry again after fog patches at dawn but with bright or sunny spells developing .

Tuesday: Cloudier with patchy rain .

Wednesday: Cloudy with some patchy rain and murky conditions developing.

Thursday: Still cloudy and murky but turning colder overnight.

Friday: Definitely feeling colder, with rain pushing in.

Saturday: Starting cold and wet but brighter spells developing as the wind moves the weather on