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West Coast Weather - Week Commencing 25th August


West Coast Weather - Isle of Eriska

Last week's West Coast Weather didn't offer much opportunity to enjoy recreational activities outdoors at Eriska, with grey and heavy clouds lurking around the coast. That did however not stop eager guests from playing a game of croquet - as a matter of fact it was busy in the patchy rain! The picture above was taken on Thursday (22nd August), it went slightly dark as I was fiddling with some settings on my camera, but I think is shows the little sunshine we had that day! Next week's weather does however look to be dry with some more sunny spells!

Today: a chilly start in places, then a dry bright day with some good sunny spells and it looks to be quite warm in the sunshine, winds will remaining light. Tonight: the sunshine will continue throughout the evening followed by a dry night with some long clear spells. There may be mist or fog patches forming. 

Monday: looks to be mainly dry and bright, with some sunny spells and quite warm again. Some rain looks to be spreading from the northwest overnight.

Tuesday: is projected to start with some patchy rain, but becoming drier and brighter from the west.

Wednesday: is projected to be staying dry and bright.

Thursday: looks to be starting out dry start but occasional rain may appear, spreading east.

Friday: although the temperatures looks to stay with us, Friday will become wet and grey. It does however look to be dry overnight. 

Saturday: drying overnight, Saturday continues to be dry and cloudy, however the temperatures looks to be staying relatively stable. 

Isle of KerreraWith the weather staying relatively dry, why not make the most out of it? If you are staying on the island a trip to the Spa before trying out the many trails Isle of Eriska, or take a trip to Kerrera to hike around the circular 6 mile route cutting across to the other side of the island to enjoy views of Mull and Lismore. If you are out for the day, Kerrera Tea Garden offer traditional and home cooked foods, including their own baked bread and cakes - the perfect place for a treat after a walk. The Kerrera Ferry Time Table can be found here or you can get the shuttle from Oban to Kerrera.

West Coast Weather - Week Commencing 11th August


West Coast Weather - Isle of Eriska Hotel

Another picture describing the west coast weather from the last week. Clouds with a few rays of sun and frequent showers! Looking at what's in store for us next week it looks like summer unfortunately left early this year leaving us to pack with us that extra waterproof layer when going for a walk or just out to the car at the start of the week. 

Today: It has been a rather cloudy morning with scattered showers projected (and as I write this I can see the drops start falling outside...). Showers looks to be turning heavier and more frequent throughout the day, perhaps with a rumble of thunder. The evening looks to be drier as the showers will ease. 

Monday: looks to be mostly dry with sunny spells to start the day, some showers building but well scattered and a few places staying dry.

Tuesday: is projected to be sunnier, with lighter winds and less frequent showers.

Wednesday: looks to be much like the Tuesday with sunny spells and dryer grounds. 

Thursday: is projected to be cloudier with light rain throughout the day.

Friday: looks to be another cloudy day with the showers lingering, which looks to become heavier overnight and might leave us with a very wet Saturday morning.   

Saturday: looks to end the week just like it started, cloudy with showers and a few sunny spells. The rain looks to be continuing over night.

West Coast Weather - Wet Cat Weather?

Although this week's weather doesn't look like the ideal holiday there is no shortage of things to get up to when the weather doesn't allow us to work up a sun burn while playing a game of putting or having afternoon tea on the front lawn! Keep an eye out for the next blog post to see what you can get up to on the rainy days this week - there are many ways of avoiding the wet cat situation when on holiday!


West Coast Weather - Week Commencing 4th August


Isle of EriskaWe are welcoming August with very shifting weather. The West Coast Weather for the last week has been difficult to plan around but has brightened up significantly in the evenings, making them perfect for pre-dinner walks. The next week on the west coast does however seem to be a bit colder, with continuing showers and 

This Evening and Tonight: the showers have died out and left some evening sunshine. It might however be clouding over in the east later with some rain developing. 

Monday: a cloudy start across the east with a few light showers. Brightening up from the west by the afternoon with just a few showers, which looks to be passing us. Somewhat warm temperatures will continue. 

Tuesday: looks to become quite cloudy with possible showers 

Wednesday: starting with a bright morning and looks to be mainly dry but with some showers developing in the afternoon. A few rays of sun are likely to be coming through as well. 

Thursday: is projected to be quite cloudy in the early morning, but brightening up later during the day before the showers return midday. 

Friday: looks to be slightly warmer despite the clouds and heavier showers.

Saturday: pretty similar to Friday, but with lighter showers continuing during the night. 

Isle of Eriska Although the weather forecasts have been quite discouraging the evenings have brightened up significantly, leaving the eager camera enthusiasts with great opportunities to capture the Eriska wildlife and the beautiful colours Scottish nature has to offer.

If you have taken any pictures of the beautiful nature on and around Eriska you would like to share, send them to with your name and a little bit about why or when you took it and I will share them on our Pinterest profile.  

West Coast Weather - Week Commencing 28th July


By Otter Point at Isle of Eriska

Last week started with absolutely lovely warm temperatures and clear blue skies - West Coast Weather with a difference! Although some clouds did eventually catch up with us the temperatures were mild. The mild temperatures looks to be continuing, however the rain looks to be catching up with us for last week.. 

Today: there will be the odd heavy showers lingering into the evening but most places becoming dry with some late sunny spells. With light winds and clear spells some mist and fog patches are possible through the early hours today. 

Monday: looks to be start with some early mist and fog patches but will soon clear to leave a bright day with some sunshine but also the occasional heavy, slow moving shower with a risk of thunder and good temperatures.

SAM 0578Tuesday: is predicted to provide some sunny periods and fewer showers.

Wednesday: Tuesday's weather seems to continue but feeling fresher later during the day.

Thursday: looks to be cloudy and muggy on with rain to clear leaving a brighter evening. 

Friday: looks to keep the rain coming and the temperatures up with a few sunny spells throughout the day.

Saturday: looks to get a slight drop in temperatures and possibilities for thunder, otherwise a few sunny spells look to be coming through during the day. 

A slightly humid week is projected. Time to hydrate and appreciate the few days of 'real summer' we do get on the West Coast of Scotland lies ahead!

West Coast Weather - Week Commencing 21st July


Bloodhound at Eriska

After high expectations for a week following the good weather present across the rest of the UK, we were delighted to welcome the summer temperatures and sunshine to Isle of Eriska Thursday evening!

We have had quite a few groups staying with us this month and they could not have arrived at a better time! Days by the beach, jumping from the bridge and tours on Bloodhound have been enjoyed over the weekend!

Living something that almost looks like a fairytale we start wondering about what lies in store for us next week..

Today: Overnight there were low clouds and mist, which slowly thinned before disappearing this morning. It looks to be a nice and dry afternoon with some patchy cloud and sunny periods. Still feeling very warm but not as hot as recently. Later tonight there will still be good temperatures, but some low clouds and mist looks to be returning and staying overnight. 

Monday: Looks to have clouds clearing through the morning with many places seeing another dry and very warm day with sunshine. 

Tuesday: is projected to be dry and very warm and mostly sunny weather will continue through with some clouds appearing in the evening.

Wednesday: looks to be cloudier with some thundery showers starting to develop, but it will still warm and somewhat humid.

Thursday: is yet again cloudier with some showers. There will also be some sunny spells, and become quite humid as the temperatures are still staying above the 15s with possibilities for thunder. 

Friday: looks to be much like Thursday, slightly warmer with clouds and sunny spells with possibilities for thunder. 

Saturday: is projected to stay the same in terms of temperature, but with heavier clouds and rain. 

Although some clouds and showers are projected at the west coast next week don't forget the sun spray! I think I would bring it with me everywhere! I don't know about you but just the smell of sun spray makes me think of summer!  


West Coast Weather - Week Commencing 14th July


I try each day to learn something new in an attempt to improve myself daily.

This may sound like a grand foolproof plan but at this rate I am not really making progress and sometimes not even standing still as I seem to become more forgetful-- well that's what all the team around me keep highlighting!!

So today as I drove out to get the papers I was listening to the history of St Swithens Day and hence the new obsession with the weather forecast for tomorrow

Swithun was initially buried out of doors, rather than in his cathedral, apparently at his own request. William of Malmesbury recorded that the bishop left instructions that his body should be buried outside the church, ubi et pedibus praetereuntium et stillicidiis ex alto rorantibus esset obnoxius [where it might be subject to the feet of passers-by and to the raindrops pouring from on high], which has been taken as indicating that the legend was already well known in the 12th century.

In 971 it was decided to move his body to a new indoor shrine, and one theory traces the origin of the legend to a heavy shower by which, on the day the move, the saint marked his displeasure towards those who were removing his remains. 

The name of Swithun is best known today for a British weather lore proverb, which says that if it rains on Saint Swithun's day, 15 July, it will rain for 40 days.

St Swithun's day if thou dost rain
For forty days it will remain
St Swithun's day if thou be fair
For forty days 'twill rain nae mare

So what is ahead for this week and in particularly tomorrow!!

Today: After a stunningweek last week today will remain- Dry with some sunshine but rather more cloudy than yesterday.

Monday:Rather cloudy with still a little rain over higher hills- maybe at tis point we should highlight that St Swithen is burried in Winchester which is expecting a sunny day!

Tuesday:Rather cloudy and breezy  with still a little rain, mainly over higher hills

Wednesday: It will be a dry and bright day with sunny spells.

Thursday:Rather cloudy but shuld at least remain dry

Friday: Dry, brighter and warmer on Friday with sunny spells and light winds.

Saturday: Largely fine and dry at first but it may change overnight into sunday where there may be some cloud and outbreaks of rain.

West Coast Weather - Week Commencing 7th July

West Coast Weather - Isle of Eriska

Last week's West Coast Weather did not predict good fortunes for the days ahead. As you can see on the picture above we had heavy clouds and rays of sunlight desperately trying to penetrate the thick clouds. However we did manage ot stay on top of the grass and with the strong winds came teh benefit of no midges so not all was lost.

Anyway as we start today looking out across a cloudless sky with not a breath of wind we could be accused of thinking summer was finally here and indeed the long term forecast is alluding to the fact that it is probably not that far away so what is in store for the week ahead?

Today: After a bright dawn it should remain dry with some warm sunshine developing- perfect for sitting inside watching the Wimbledon Final!

Monday: Starting rather cloudy with some coastal mist or drizzle, then slowly brightening up through the morning with sunny spells developing. Becoming warm with some sea breezes.

Tuesday:A dry day with long spells of unbroken sunshine throughout the day. A cloudier start towards Mull, and some patchy cloud bubbling up inland. Very warm or hot, sea breezes. 

Wednesday: A fine settled spell of weather with some hot sunshine developing, though coastal areas a shade cooler with onshore breezes, and far west misty at times.

Thursday: it's begining to seem consistent with another day of sunshine and warm light breezes

Friday: Anoter case of "Best on the west" = with the best of dry, fine weather will probably migrate to the west so more summer and suntan cream required

Saturday: although another nice day not quite as warm as earlier in the week and a slightly stronger wind will keep it seeming more pleasant.


West Coast Weather - Week Commencing 30th June



Fireworks at Isle of Eriska

Our West Coast Weather took a different turn at the end of the week as you can see above! Spectacular colours always offered on the West Coast, but at night. The weather this week was unfortunately a bit cold and wet at Eriska, but it did not prevent the success of celebrations and anniversaries over the weekend!

Next week will be mainly cloudy, with patchy rain. The days will gradually become brighter but will continue to be breezy. 

Today: our day has started off with some patchy drizzle, which is projected to become more persistent, however then turning drier and brighter in the afternoon with the breeze. Tonight looks to stay brighter with sunny intervalsbut with a few showers. Overnight scattered showers will continue throughout. 

Monday: looks to be a bright day with a mixture of sunshine and scattered showers. Moderate to fresh westerly breeze and ok temperatures. 

Tuesday: is projected to be wet and windy, with the weather spreading in over Argyll.

Wednesday: looks to become drier and brighter than the Tuesday.

Thursday: will experience more rain early on but looks to be clearing to sunshine and showers.

Friday: looks to be slightly warmer despite being quite cloudy. 

Saturday: will stay the same as Friday with a slight rise in temperatures. 

Bring your raincoat this week but don't forget, you can still go for a swim in our indoor pool as well as enjoying your favourite sports in the indoor sports hall

In our next post I will tell you all about  last week and this weekend's wonderful fireworks at Isle of Eriska at the top of the page!

West Coast Weather - Week Commencing 23rd June


WCW 3 SMALL Arnotts

This last week we have had lovely temperatures on Eriska. Some very bright and sunny days and some gloomier days yet 'very' warm! Last night however the temperatures dropped significantly as the rain and wind 'washed' in over the west coast. 

This week's West Coast Weather does not look too inviting and certainly not very summery as we are soon to enter July. 

Today: A fairly bright day with a mixture of sunny intervals and showers. Some showers turning heavy inland especially towards Lanarkshire where thunder is possible. Fresh northwest winds, especially on the west coast. Later tonight a mixture of sunshine and scattered showers will still prevail, the showers are likely to die out during the evening and so is the wind. 

Monday: looks to be bright with some sunshine. Still a few showers though less heavy with some areas staying dry. Lighter winds will still be present after a rather windy Sunday.

Tuesday: is projected to be bright with sunny spells and isolated showers. Light winds. 

Wednesday: looks to be very similar to the Tuesday, a bit windy with sunny spells and possibly some showers. 

Thursday: looks to experience some rain overnight but will remain bright with sunshine in between the clouds.

Friday: looks like it will experience heavier rain compared to the other days therefore little sun to keep those summer temperatures going. 

Saturday: while the outlook for Friday looks gloomy, the clouds and rain looks to become lighter on the Saturday, which allows the temperature to again slowly creep upwards. 

West Coast Weather There were some heavy clouds this morning as you can see in the picture on the left.

It is good to know that we have an indoor sportshall where guests can play a game of putting, tennis, badminton or football and an indoor swimming pool that are not affected by the adverse weather we do get there on the west coast of Scotland in the 'summer'!

West Coast Weather - Week Commencing 9th June


Isle of Eriska

An absolutely lovely week has gone past on the West Coast of Scotland! A bit grey in the early morning otherwise sunny and warm at Isle of Eriska! I believe a happy few has been able to acquire a slight tan and some charming freckles! 

I am however sad to report that the week ahead does look slightly darker, 

Today: some mist and fog patches cleared early, otherwise it is a clear bright day with warm sunny spells maybe slightly cooler than the week that has gone past. There are some showers projected for the area this afternoon, however it looks as if they could miss Eriska. 

Monday: Looks to start with early mist or fog but will soon clear, then another warm day with sunny spells. A few showers developing during the afternoon is projected, although many places will be staying dry. 

Tuesday: looks to be more cloudy, making the temperatures drop slightly with some light rain in some areas.

Wednesday: the weather is projected to turn heavier and more persistent than on the Wednesday with strengthening winds which will affect temperatures.

Thursday: looks to become a bit brighter again and is followed by sunshine and in some places light showers that will hopefully miss Eriska on its way past. 

Friday: is projected to kick off the weekend with acceptable temperatures, however more cloudy with patches of rain throughout the 

Saturday: looks to be very similar to Friday, but the temperature is projected to be dropping slightly with more clouds cluttering up the sky. 

Butterfly at EriskaIt has indeed been very nice at Eriska this last week, and I saw my first 2013 butterfly! This picture of a butterfly was taken at Eriska by Mr & Mrs Heath when they stayed with us (thank you so much for sharing your lovely pictures with us!)

We would appreciate it a lot if you have any memories and pictures that you would like to share with us. You can send your pictures and stories to  

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